there are no rules

Hello, I'm Amy.


Art doesn't need boundaries.

An interdisciplinary approach to life feeds a versatile existence. Communication is our biggest tool for success. I immensely enjoy word play and syllabic patterns for the structure and specific construct they contain, and value visual art for it's communication beyond the levels of dictionaries, language, and visual constructs. My visual art is an extension of my ideas of how we communicate. Verbal and visual communication can co-exist and bring light to areas that are shallow without one or the other. Visual communication has a broader scope as there is no dictionary. We must define what we receive from visual communication for ourselves, and therefore form our own personal experience with what we see.


I work in what used to be my neighbors wood shop. I live next door to my studio with my parents, my partner, our border collie, and our geriatric cat. My studio has given me the space to expand my work and to cultivate creative projects that allow me to work with many members of my artistic community.


 For my visual art I create abstract, hand-cut paper. I use small blades and freehand cut my pieces. To frame my pieces I layer epoxy resin and paper. I am careful not to waste any resin. I use leftover resin from framing to pour into silicone molds i've made for jewelry. I digitally translate my cut paper designs and develop them into metal jewelry and I like to think of my projects as a family of ideas. They all draw from each other, and they all work together. I show my work a few times a year in local establishments around Austin and occasionally participate in local art tours and local pop-ups. I open my studio a few times a year for open studio parties, but also gladly welcome studio visitors by appointment.

Most of my endeavors have spawned from an extensive creative community around me. 

 ©2020 Amy Rosalyn