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Hello, I'm Amy.

I'm an Austin-born creative living at the end of a dirt road west of town. We've always called it town. My parents bought what my grandmother called "a pile of rocks" in the early 90's and built by hand the home I grew up in, that they still live in, out of salvaged materials and love. My house and attached studio sits next door to my parents charming wildlife habitat and abode. 

I believe an interdisciplinary, artistic approach to life feeds a versatile existence which leads me down many creative paths. I immensely enjoy word play and syllabic patterns and I use visual art to communicate beyond the levels of dictionaries, language, and social constructs. My visual art is an extension of how we communicate. Verbal and visual communication co-exist and amplify one another. Visual communication has a broader scope as there is no dictionary to limit us. We must personally define what we receive visually and therefore form our own personal experience with what we see. In describing this to others, we come closer to understanding one another and the multitude of perspectives available.


For my visual art I currently focus on abstract, hand-cut paper. I use small blades and freehand cut my pieces. To frame my pieces I layer epoxy resin and paper. I use leftover resin from framing to pour into silicone molds I've specially made for resin jewelry. I also digitize my cut paper designs and have a company in Nevada laser cut the designs into varying metals. I solder, sand, hammer, and polish the raw laser cuts into wearable art. 


My projects are a family of ideas. They are context clues for the interpretation and solidification of the ideas they represent. They all draw from each other, and they all work together. I show my work a few times a year in local establishments around Austin and occasionally participate in local art tours and pop-ups. I open my studio a few times a year (when there is not a pandemic) for open studio gatherings, but also gladly welcome studio visitors by appointment. If you want to pick up something in person feel free to reach out to me to set up a private appointment to visit my studio in the woods.

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